in the American Polity, Fifth Edition
edited by Ann Serow & Everett C. Ladd
978-1-930398-16-0  © 2011

[ * Indicates new to this edition. ]
PART ONE    American Ideology
1.  ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE   Democracy in America
2.  JAMES BRYCE   The American Commonwealth
3.  Cynthia Farrar   Dinner with Democracy *
4.  James Davison Hunter   The Enduring Culture War *
5.  CORNEL WEST   Race Matters
6.  MICHAEL KAMMEN   People of Paradox
7.  ROBERT BELLAH/OTHERS   Habits of the Heart
PART TWO    The Constitution and American Democracy
8.  RICHARD HOFSTADTER   The American Political Tradition
9.  Alexis de Tocqueville   Democracy in America *
10. JAMES MADISON   The Federalist 10
11. MICHAEL KAMMEN   A Machine That Would Go of Itself
12. C. WRIGHT MILLS   The Power Elite
13. RICHARD ZWEIGENHAFT/G. W. DOMHOFF    *Diversity in the Power Elite
14. ROBERT DAHL   Who Governs? and A Preface to Democratic Theory
PART THREE    Separation of Powers
15. JAMES MADISON   The Federalist 51
16. David Brian Robertson   The Constitution and Americaís Destiny *
17. JAMES STERLING YOUNG   The Washington Community: 1800-1828
PART FOUR    Federalism
18. JAMES MADISON   The Federalist 39 and 46
19. DANIEL ELAZAR   American Federalism
20. Andrew Karch   Democratic Laboratories *
21. Thomas Birkland/Sarah Waterman   Is Federalism the Reason for Policy Failure in Hurricane Katrina? *
PART FIVE    Congress
22. DAVID MAYHEW   Congress: The Electoral Connection
23. RICHARD FENNO   Home Style
24. SARAH BINDER   Stalemate
25. Gregory Wawro/Eric Schickler   Filibuster *
26. MICHELE SWERS   The Difference Women Make   
27. Richard Fenno   Going Home *
28. PAUL STAROBIN   Pork: A Time-Honored Tradition
30. Sen. John McCain   Hey There! SenJohnMcCain Is Using Twitter *
31. DAVID PRICE   The Congressional Experience
PART SIX    The Presidency
32. RICHARD NEUSTADT   Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents
33. ARTHUR SCHLESINGER   The Imperial Presidency
34. Michael Cairo   The Imperial Presidency Triumphant *
35. THOMAS CRONIN/MICHAEL GENOVESE   The Paradoxes of the American Presidency
36. CRAIG RIMMERMAN   The Rise of the Plebiscitary Presidency
37. Gil Troy   Leading from the Center *
38. BRADLEY PATTERSON   The White House Staff: [Chief of Staff]
PART SEVEN    The Executive Branch
39. HUGH HECLO   A Government of Strangers
40. Paul Light   A Government Ill Executed *
41. ROBERT REICH   Locked in the Cabinet
42. JAMES Q. WILSON   Bureaucracy   
PART EIGHT    The Judiciary
43. ALEXANDER HAMILTON   The Federalist 78
44. EUGENE ROSTOW   The Democratic Character of Judicial Review
45. DAVID O'BRIEN   Storm Center
46. DAVID YALOF   Pursuit of Justices
47. Richard Fallon   The Dynamic Constitution *
PART NINE    Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
48. ANTHONY LEWIS   Gideon's Trumpet
49. Miranda v. Arizona (1966)
50. DONALD KETTL   System Under Stress   
51. RICHARD KLUGER   Simple Justice
52. CHARLES OGLETREE   All Deliberate Speed   
53. CRAIG RIMMERMAN   The Lesbian and Gay Movements *
55. MARY ANN GLENDON   Rights Talk
56. David Bernstein   You Canít Say That! *
PART TEN    Public Opinion
57. V. O. KEY   Public Opinion and American Democracy
58. THOMAS CRONIN   Direct Democracy
59. LAWRENCE JACOBS/ROBERT SHAPIRO   Politicians Don't Pander
60. David Moore   The Opinion Makers *
PART ELEVEN    Interest Groups
61. ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE   Democracy in America
62. E. E. SCHATTSCHNEIDER   The Semisovereign People
63. Richard Skinner   More Than Money *
64. Robert Kaiser   So Damn Much Money *
65. Joe Garcia   La Gran Oportunidad/The Hispanic Opportunity *
PART TWELVE    Voting and Elections
66. DANTE SCALA   Stormy Weather   
67. DENNIS JOHNSON   No Place for Amateurs
68. David Mark   Going Dirty *
69. David Campbell   Why We Vote *
70. Chuck Todd/Sheldon Gawiser   How Barack Obama Won *
PART THIRTEEN    Political Parties
71. WALTER DEAN BURNHAM   Critical Election and the Mainsprings of American Politics
72. Morley Winograd/Michael Hais   Millennial Makeover *
73. John Judis   The Democratic Majority: It Emerged! *
74. Stuart Rothenberg   Is 2008 a Realiging Election? *
75. Ronald Brownstein   The Second Civil War *
76. Kate Zernike   Boiling Mad *
77. LARRY SABATO   Feeding Frenzy
78. Morley Winograd/Michael Hais   Millennial Makeover *
79. Cass Sunstein 2.0 *
80. Diana Mutz   How the Mass Media Divide Us *
81. Russell Peterson   Strange Bedfellows *
82. BRADLEY PATTERSON   The White House Staff: The Advance Office
PART FIFTEEN    Political Economy and Public Welfare
83. MICHAEL HARRINGTON   The Other America
84. MILTON FRIEDMAN   Free to Choose
85. SHARON HAYS   Flat Broke with Children   
86. Michele Wucker   Lockout *
87. Steven Cohen   Understanding Environmental Policy *
88. Kevin Phillips   Bad Money *
PART SIXTEEN    America in a Changing World
89. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON   The Clash of Civilizations
90. Fareed Zakaria   The Post-American World *
91. CHALMERS JOHNSON   Blowback   
92. JOSEPH NYE   Soft Power