in the American Polity, Sixth Edition
edited by Ann Serow & Everett C. Ladd
978-1-930398-19-1  © 2016

[ * Indicates new to this edition. ]
PART ONE    American Political Ideas
1  Alexis de Tocqueville   Democracy in America
2  Cynthia Farrar   Dinner with Democracy
3  James Davison Hunter   The Enduring Culture War
4  C. Wright Mills   The Power Elite
5  Richard Zweigenhaft / G. W. Domhoff   Diversity in the Power Elite
6  Robert Dahl   Who Governs? and A Preface to Democratic Theory
7  Cornel West   Race Matters
8  Michael Kammen   People of Paradox
9  Robert Bellah / Others   Habits of the Heart
PART TWO    The Constitution, Democracy, and Separation of Powers
10  James Madison   The Federalist 10 and 51
11  Richard Hofstadter   The American Political Tradition
12  Alexis de Tocqueville   Democracy in America
13  David Brian Robertson   The Constitution and Americaís Destiny
14  Mark Rozell   Executive Privilege   *
PART THREE    Federalism
15  James Madison   The Federalist 39 and 46
16  Andrew Karch   Democratic Laboratories
17  Erin Ryan   Federalism and the Tug of War Within   *
18  Lori Riverstone-Newell   Renegade Cities, Public Policy, and the Dilemmas of Federalism   *
PART FOUR    Congress
19  David Mayhew   Congress: The Electoral Connection
20  Richard Fenno   Home Style
21  Steven Smith   The Senate Syndrome   *
22  Michele Swers   Women in the Club   *
23  Paul Starobin   Pork: A Time-Honored Tradition Lives On
24  John Ellwood/Eric Patashnik   In Praise of Pork
  Tweets and Dog Whistles - How Washington Talks
25  Sen. John McCain   Hey There! SenJohnMcCain Is Using Twitter
26  Chuck McCutcheon / David Mark   Dog Whistles, Walk-Backs, and Washington Handshakes   *
PART FIVE    The Presidency
27  Richard Neustadt   Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents
28  Arthur Schlesinger   The Imperial Presidency
29  Thomas Cronin / Michael Genovese   Paradoxes of the Presidency
30  Craig Rimmerman   The Rise of the Plebiscitary Presidency
31  Jack Goldsmith   Power and Constraint   *
32  Kenneth Mayer   With a Stroke of a Pen   *
  Winning the Office
33  Samuel Popkin   The Candidate   *
PART SIX    The Executive Branch
34  Paul Light   A Government Ill Executed
35  Cornelius Kerwin / Scott Furlong   Rulemaking   *
36  James Q. Wilson   Bureaucracy
  Whereís My Office?
37  Robert Reich   Locked in the Cabinet
PART SEVEN    The Judiciary
38  Alexander Hamilton   The Federalist 78
39  David O'Brien   Storm Center
40  David Yalof   Pursuit of Justices
41  Richard Fallon   The Dynamic Constitution
42  Marcia Coyle   The Roberts Court   *
  No Longer Just "Nine Old Men" [FDR]
43  Jeffrey Toobin   The Oath   *
PART EIGHT    Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
44  Anthony Lewis   Gideon's Trumpet
45  Richard Kluger   Simple Justice
46  Charles Ogletree   All Deliberate Speed
47  Obergefell v. Hodges and Chief Justice Robertsí Dissent (2015)   *
48  David Bernstein   You Canít Say That!
PART NINE    Public Opinion and the Media
49  V. O. Key   Public Opinion and American Democracy
50  Thomas Cronin   Direct Democracy
51  Larry Sabato   Feeding Frenzy
52  Cass Sunstein 2.0
53  Diana Mutz   How the Mass Media Divide Us
PART TEN    Interest Groups
54  Alexis de Tocqueville   Democracy in America
55  E. E. Schattschneider   The Semisovereign People
56  Anthony Nownes   Interest Groups in American Politics
57  Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (2010), Justice Stevensí Concurrence and Dissent, and Commentary by Jack Fruchtman   *
58  Matt Barreto / Gary Segura   Latino America   *
  After Your Time in Congress - Now What
59  Mark Leibovich   This Town   *
PART ELEVEN    Voting and Elections
60  Dante Scala   Stormy Weather
61  Robert Boatright   Getting Primaried   *
62  Dennis Johnson   No Place for Amateurs
63  David Mark   Going Dirty
64  Sasha Issenberg   The Victory Lab   *
65  Kenneth Vogel   Big Money   *
  Running the Campaign
66  Rasmus Kleis Nielsen   Ground Wars   *
PART TWELVE    Political Parties
67  Sean Trende   Are We in an Electoral Realignment?   *
68  Ronald Brownstein   The Second Civil War
69  Bill Bishop   The Big Sort   *
70  William Frey   Diversity Explosion   *
71  Robert Putnam / David Campbell   American Grace   *
72  Linda Killian   The Swing Vote   *
PART THIRTEEN    Political Economy and Public Welfare
73  Michael Harrington   The Other America
74  Joseph Stiglitz   The Price of Inequality   *
75  Milton Friedman   Free to Choose
76  David Wessel   Red Ink   *
77  Michele Wucker, Lockout
78  Steven Cohen   Understanding Environmental Policy
  Itís About Real People
79  Sasha Abramsky   The American Way of Poverty   *
PART FOURTEEN    America in a Changed World
80  Samuel Huntington   The Clash of Civilizations
81  Fareed Zakaria   The Post-American World
82  Chalmers Johnson   Blowback
83  Joseph Nye   Soft Power
84  Richard Haass   Foreign Policy Begins at Home   *