in the American Polity, Seventh Edition
edited by Ann G. Serow & Everett C. Ladd
978-1-930398-00-9  © 2023

[ * Indicates new to this edition. ]
PART ONE    American Political Ideas and Culture
1  Alexis de Tocqueville   Democracy in America
2  Monica Guzman   I Never Thought of It That Way   *
3  C. Wright Mills   The Power Elite
4  Robert Dahl   Who Governs? and A Preface to Democratic Theory
5  Van Jones   Beyond the Messy Truth   *
6  Yuval Levin   A Time to Build   *
7  Michael Kammen   People of Paradox
PART TWO    The Constitution, Democracy, and Separation of Powers
8  James Madison   The Federalist 10 and 51
9  Neil Gorsuch   A Republic If You Can Keep   *
10  Richard Hofstadter   The American Political Tradition
11  Alexis de Tocqueville   Democracy in America
12  Benjamin Page/Martin Gilens   Democracy in America?   *
13  Jason Brennan   Against Democracy   *
PART THREE    Federalism
14  James Madison   The Federalist 39 and 46
15  Andrew Karch   Democratic Laboratories
16  F.H. Buckley   American Secession   *
PART FOUR    Congress
17  David Mayhew   Congress: The Electoral Connection
18  Richard Fenno   Home Style
19  Frances Lee   Insecure Majorities   *
20  Adam Jentleson   Kill Switch   *
21  Charlotte Alter   The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For   *
PART FIVE    The Presidency
22  Richard Neustadt   Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents
23  Arthur Schlesinger   The Imperial Presidency
24  Thomas Cronin / Michael Genovese   Paradoxes of the Presidency
25  Craig Rimmerman   The Rise of the Plebiscitary Presidency
26  Jonathan Allen/Amie Parnes   Lucky   *
PART SIX    The Executive Branch
27  Michael Lewis   The Fifth Risk   *
28  Rachel Potter   Bending the Rules   *
29  Peter Wallison   Judicial Fortitude   *
PART SEVEN    The Judiciary
30  Alexander Hamilton   The Federalist 78
31  David O'Brien   Storm Center
32  Neal Devins/Lawrence Baum   The Company They Keep   *
33  David Kaplan   The Most Dangerous Branch   *
PART EIGHT    Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
34  Anthony Lewis   Gideon's Trumpet
35  Richard Kluger   Simple Justice
36  Jamal Greene   How Rights Went Wrong   *
37  Ian Rosenberg   The Fight for Free Speech   *
38  Suzanne Nossel   Dare to Speak   *
PART NINE    Public Opinion, Interest Groups, and the Media
39  V. O. Key   Public Opinion and American Democracy
40  W. Joseph Campbell   Lost in a Gallup   *
41  Anthony Salvanto   Where Did You Get This Number?   *
42  Alexis de Tocqueville   Democracy in America
43  E. E. Schattschneider   The Semisovereign People
44  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Justice Stevens’ Concurrence and Dissent, and Commentary by Jack Fruchtman
45  Larry Sabato   Feeding Frenzy
46  Zeynep Tufekci   Twitter and Tear Gas   *
PART TEN    Political Parties, Voting, and Elections
47  Bill Bishop   The Big Sort
48  William Frey   Diversity Explosion
49  Robert Putnam/David Campbell   American Grace
50  Joan Williams   White Working Class   *
51  Dante Scala   Stormy Weather
52  Richard Hasen   Plutocrats United   *
53  Ben Bradlee Jr.   The Forgotten   *
54  Geraldo Cadava   The Hispanic Republican   *
55  Alan Abramowitz   The Great Alignment   *
56  David Hopkins   Red Fighting Blue   *
57  Marc Hetherington/Jonathan Weiler   Prius or Pickup?   *
58  Jennifer Lawless/Richard Fox   Running from Office   *
PART ELEVEN    Political Economy and Public Welfare
59  Michael Harrington   The Other America
60  Milton Friedman   Free to Choose
61  Alan Greenspan/Adrian Wooldridge   Capitalism in America   *
PART TWELVE    America in a Changing World
62  Chalmers Johnson   Blowback
63  Joseph Nye   Soft Power
64  Hope Jahren   The Story of More   *
65  Michael Pillsbury   The Hundred-Year Marathon   *
66  Anne Applebaum   Twilight of Democracy   *