Clash of Ideals
Cases in American Political Development
by Brendan J. Doherty, Howard R. Ernst, Stephen E. Frantzich & Priscilla H. Machado Zotti
978-1-939398-13-9   2010  $24.00  ($19.20 to bookstores)

PART ONE    Founding Ideals
Popular Sovereignty vs. Rule of Law - The Dorr War of 1842   HOWARD R. ERNST
PART TWO    Legislative Branch
Re-Presentation - The Intricate Dance of Congressional Representation   STEPHEN E. FRANTZICH
PART THREE    Executive Branch
Popular Democracy, Elite Influence, and Political Legitimacy - The Presidential Elections of 1824 and 1828   BRENDAN J. DOHERTY
PART FOUR    Judicial Branch
Search and Seizure and the Balancing of Rights - Mapp v. Ohio   PRISCILLA H. MACHADO ZOTTI

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