to Law and Legal Reasoning
by Rick A. Swanson
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Part One    The Foundations of Law
Chapter 1  Jurisprudence
What is Law
Natural Law versus Positive Law
Law and Morality
Legal Realism
Why Obey Law
The Social Contract
Obedience to the Social Contract
Social Contract Theory Problems
Origins of U.S. Positive Law
Chapter 2  U.S. Courts
Federal Judicial Organization
Federal Jurisdiction
State Courts
Civil Procedure
Appellate Procedure
Appellate Opinions
The Theory of Judicial Review
Judicial Review in Practice
Chapter 3  Statutes
Why Interpret Statutes
Plain Meaning and Textualism
Canons of Statutory Construction
Legislative Purpose
Statutory Interpretation: "No Vehicles in the Park"
Statutory Interpretation Exercise: Ricksville v. Konsor
Chapter 4  Interpreting the U.S. Constitution
The U.S. Constitution
Why Interpret Constitutions?
Who Interprets the Constitution?
Judicial Philosophy
Judicial Philosophy Versus Political Ideology
Judicial Voting Behavior
Constitutional Interpretation
Originalism versus Nonoriginalism
Problems with Originalism
Constitutional Pragmatism
Constitutional Law
Part Two    The Substance of Law
Chapter 5  Contracts
Contracts and Contract Law
Offer and Acceptance
Contract Enforceability
Contract Terms
Contract Breach
Contract Damages
Chapter 6  Torts
Torts Versus Crimes
Tort Mental States
Intentional (Physical) Torts
Nonphysical Torts
Intentional Tort Defenses
Strict Liability
Vicarious Liability
Joint Tortfeasors
Plaintiff Fault
Special Defendant Classes
Time Limits
Chapter 7  Criminal Law
Criminal Law Overview
Types of Crimes 1: Crimes Against Persons
Types of Crimes 2: Crimes Involving Property
Types of Crimes 3: Inchoate Crimes
Criminal Defenses
The Insanity Defense
Chapter 8  Criminal Procedure
Elements of a Criminal Trial
Investigation: Search and Seizure
Arrest, Charges, and Pleas
The Jury System
Criminal Sentencing
The Future of Criminal Law and Procedure
Part Three    The Skills of Legal Reasoning
Chapter 9  Legal Reasoning
The Skill of Legal Reasoning
Deductive Reasoning Syllogisms
Complex Major Premises
Deductive Legal Reasoning Practice Cases
Chapter 10  Case Law Elements
What is Case Law?
The Legal elements of Court Decisions
Case Briefs
Case Elements: Name, Facts. Issue, Holding
Case Elements: Rule + Application
Other Case Brief Elements
Well-written versus Poorly-written Case Brief Comparison
Sample Cases with Case Briefs
Chapter 11  Argument from Precedent
Common Law Precedents and the Courts
Argument from Precedent
Argument from Precedent: Motor Vehicle Cases
Argument from Precedent: "Chair"
Argument from Precedent: "Bokmurfle"
Argument from Precedent: "No Vehicles in the Park" Cases
Ratio Decidendi versus Obiter Dicta
Chapter 12  IRAC
What is IRAC?
IRAC Format
Sample IRAC: Incorporation Doctrine
Sample IRAC: Free Exercise Clause
IRAC Practice: Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Chapter 13  Issue Spotting
What is Issue Spotting
Issue Spotting Example: Tort
Contracts Issue Spotting Checklist
Contracts Issue Spotting Example
Torts Issue Spotting Checklist
Torts Issue Spotting Example
Torts Issue Spotting Practice 1
Torts Issue Spotting Practice 2
Torts Issue Spotting Practice 3
Torts Issue Spotting Practice 4
Chapter 14  Legal Briefs
What is Issue Spotting
The Appellate Brief
Constructing Legal and Appellate Briefs
Appellate Brief Organization
Legal Brief Template Example: Public Forum Doctrine
Common Legal Brief Mistakes
Argument from Precedent Example: Capture of Wild Animals
Wild Capture Hypothetical: Stephens v. Albers
Part Four    Philosophy of Law
Chapter 15  Advanced Jurisprudence
Positive Law Mandates Obedience to Natural Law
Positive Law Criminalizes Violating Natural Law
Positive Law Expressly Includes Natural Law Rights
Positive Law Impliedly Protects Natural Law Rights
Positive Law Expressly Allows Natural Law as a Legal Defense
Positive Law Impliedly Allows Natural Law as a Legal Defense
Legal Realism, Critical Legal Studies, and Utilitarianism
Feminist Jurisprudence
Critical Race Theory
Appendix  Legal Education, Licensing, and Research
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