in Government, Ethics & the Military
edited by Thomas R. Bendel
978-1-930398-07-8   2006  $15.75  ($12.60 to bookstores)

PART ONE    Ethics and Public Service
1   Reflections of a Radical Moderate
     Elliot Richardson
     [Attorney General Richardson discusses the special obligation of service to the public.]
2   Firewall: The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-up
     E. Walsh
     [Independent Counsel Walsh relates a disastrous series of personal and policy decisions.]
PART TWO    Liberty, Equality, and Security
3   How Democratic Is the American Constitution?
     A. Dahl
     [Dahl asks what ideals a democratic constitution should support, and how effectively the US Constitution does.]
4   Can We Be Secure and Free?
     F. Powers
     [A discussion of USA PATRIOT Act and the temptation to restrict due process.]
5   Perilous Times
     R. Stone
     [Stone questions whether, and to what degree, free speech may be limited in times of war.]
6   War & Press Freedom
     A. Smith
     [Is the free press a 'menace to military operations'?]
7   The Empathy Defense
     [Does affirmative action in college admission redress discrimination, or is it discrimination reversed?]
PART THREE    The Military and Society
8   Truman
     [Truman fires McArthur despite popular disapproval of his decision to do so.]
9   Fire in the Lake
     [To what degree are individuals responsible for their own actions in combat?]
10   The Widening Gap Between the Military and Society
     E. Ricks
     [As military society becomes less of a reflection of the broader population, can a distrust develop between military and civilian authority?]
11   A Soldier is a Soldier
     Bryant Mariner
     [Captain Mariner (USN) addresses the role of women in combat.]
12   Who Will Serve?
     J. Bacevich
     [Can an all-volunteer force effectively substitute for the general obligations of citizens to serve?]
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